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Rejected [Vanilla] tbrnfan1234's Helper Application

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Aug 30, 2021
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User name: tbrnfan1234

What is your in-game name? tbrnfan1234

What is your real name? sharwan

What is your age? 15

Where are you from? Nepal

Discord handle 3938

Which server are you applying for? Vanilla

Why should we consider you as an applicant? i would like to make this server better for everyone and help reduce the amount of griefing swearing raiding etc i would like to help the server as much as i can since i am online alot in the server and help new players to figure things out around and help the server look cool for new players i dont like peopple ruining stuff here and t i would like to figure out bugs and fix them if thr is any bugs i would like to be helper so i can help players i dont like people griefing raiding etc i am online alot so i can help reduce swearing raiding griefing etc i know its hard to be a helper as i dont have experince with these things but i am willing to learn i can alo help when thr are no mods in the server and i could help in situations like that and i know the rules pretty well cause i have experinced it and i have liked this server alot and i like it now too i have played this server for over a year and it has a great community which i would love to help and i play vanilla alot which can make staff do other more important work properly

What do you believe are your weaknesses and why? i get angry really soon and i dont take time to take action on hackers and griefers cause i dont like people ruining other people's fun and enjoyment

Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? nope

Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? i have done alot of mistakes with in a year but one is stealing my moms key and driving to my friend's house while i was going i was caught by a cop he did not do much just warned me and told my mom to come pick me up the lesson i learnt was to listen to people with more experince

What position are you applying for: Helper

What does a leader mean to you in relation to maturity? the person who is fair to every one and does not look up to some one or does not look down to some one means a leader to me

What or who motivates you to do what you do as a staff member? as me being in this server for more than a year i have realized that i wanna help the server grow and its one of the reasons i wanna become a staff i just wanna help the server grow alot cause this is a really good server with a really cool community

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft? i love reading books i love playing football i love swimming too and i love riding

SCENARIO: If you see a higher staff abusing what would you do? i would ask the senior staff members to stop abusing their powers and they have got that for a reason and i would ask them to stop it cause it ruins the server economy and if they dont listen i would tell it to the higher staff members

SCENARIO: If your friend was hacking on the server what type of action would you take? i would warn them abt the rules and scold them i would also try to make them stop hacking but if they dont listen i would inform that to the mods or other staff members

SCENARIO: If the server crashed and no other mods are online what will you do ? i would inform sr mods or asst management in discord as soon as possible

How do you think can we further improve Blockstackers? by adding more minigames like the bridge KFFA etc and

Do you have any questions for me? nope

Are you able to speak in Discord Voice Channels? i can :)
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Dec 23, 2019
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@tbrnfan1234, your application has been rejected. You may choose to reapply after 48 days starting from today's date. Thank you for applying!
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