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Guide Towny Guides (III) - Overworld Custom Mobs (Part I)


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Aug 24, 2020
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This guide (III) is intended to help newbies to know about:
- Knowing and Dealing With Custom Mobs

without trouble, and for older players to be great leaders.


In this guide, Towny introduces custom mobs from different factions, how to defeat them or what to do when you encounter one.


Each mob has its own health, level, attack damage, and skill set. Every 200 blocks away from spawn, a custom mob's stats increases by a level. For example:

1000, 64, z = within that area, level 7-9 custom mobs will spawn.
5245, 89, -z = within that area, level 41-43 custom mobs will spawn.

Drop rates of any custom item/gem are dependent on the custom mob or faction, some are 40%, 5% and so on.

Another major factor when it comes to custom mobs is that every month, their strength is greatly increased. For example, mobs within the level 42 area will be strengthened to level 50 by the end of March.

Custom mobs mentioned will be separated into its respected factions, and will be classified into three threat levels: Low, Medium, and High. Any mobs released in later updates, a new thread post containing the latest information will be added into it.

A common faction found in caves, they utilize raw power and numbers to land heavy hits on the enemy.

Threat Level: Low

The easiest orc to fight against, their weapons range from a wooden sword to an iron axe and wear full-on leather armor. The more orclings though, the more dangerous the situation can be.

TECHNIQUE: For starters, hit the orc from a distance, or hit the orc from close range, then run.

Orc Archer
Threat Level: Low

Though easy to defeat, its tanky, uses a bow and wears leather or chainmail armor. Orc archers have the same accuracy as a skeleton so expect for them to land as much hits on you. If you get close to them, they will resort to punch
SKILL: Flame
Orc archers use their flint and steel to light up their bow, giving it a Flame enchantment and starts shooting fire arrows. This skill is active for 20 seconds, and this can be easily avoided if you regenerate fast or have a bucket of water with you.

TECHNIQUE: Fight them in close range. If the skill is about to activate, use the time to your advantage and kill them before they even shoot their first flame arrow.

Orc Knight
Threat Level: Medium

Often called as the "brute" by players, it is one of the most resilient mobs, orc knights can tank a lot of hits, and can deal a lot of damage, though it moves slow. Their weapons range from an iron sword to a diamond axe, and wear full-on iron armor or full-on diamond armor. They are dangerous to approach and can often one-shot those who aren't careful around them.
SKILL: Heavy Swing
When combatting the knight in close range, they land a sweeping attack that knocks you backwards, dealing medium damage.
SKILL: Swift
Orc knights can make up with their slow movement speed by rushing into the player while having the Swiftness status effect. Lasts for 15 seconds.
SKILL: Circular Slash
When endangered of getting killed or getting low on health or in its "angered state", the knight starts spinning around, knocking you back the first time it hits you, and will constantly deal damage on a 3-block radius, dealing mid to high damage.

TECHNIQUE: As much as possible, don't get too close to them, and instead, shoot them with bows. If you tend to risk, deal as much heavy hits as possible with combined skills and powerful attributes. When angered, stay away from the area of effect. Best killed if two or more players are fighting against it.

Orc Drummer
Threat Level: Low/Medium

Though it does absolutely nothing offense-wise, it protects itself when players get close to it, by punching them, and is tanky. They carry a stick and a noteblock, and often wear leather armor for protection. Though it is harmless, it is a priority target when it comes to fight against a group of orcs. With the drummer's music, orcs near the drummer are buffed with the strength status effect, making it more dangerous epescially if the knights or war mage were buffed.

TECHNIQUE: Get in close range and kill them with heavy hits. If there are a group of orcs, best to hit and run while targetting the drummer.

Orc War Mage
Threat Level: High

One of the most dangerous custom mobs in Towny, it is well-known for its ungodly damage, large health, and its wide hitbox. They use an enchanted stick or blaze rod as a wand, and wears leather armor. Their attacks are similar to those of players in Mage classes, and when hit, it deals heavy damage, can set the target aflame, and their attacks often no-clip through one-block thick walls or surfaces, making it even more dangerous to fight against.

TECHNIQUE: Do not fight it at all, and running is a recommendation. If you want to risk it, do not stop moving as you approach the war mage, and start hitting it or trapping it with a 1x1x2 hole. This is best fought when there are more than 2 players around.

A common faction found in caves, they never flinch or get knockback'd (unless by MCMMO Axe Skill), and arrows do not affect them. Fight them wisely.

Threat Level: Low/Medium

One of the resilient mobs around, they tank hits as they focus on slow-approach melee combat that often deals medium-heavy hits depending on player's class level and attributes. They do not wear any armor but they use stone hoes to iron swords as their weapon of choice.

TECHNIQUE: Hit and run, just like when facing the orcling. Trap them if you must to lessen the damage burden.

Wraith Knight
Threat Level: High

One of the most dangerous mobs in Towny, their health, damage, and an intimidating near-one-shot skill set can immediately end a Towny player's career. Unlike wraithlings, they sometimes wear any armor, but they use the same weapons as the wraithlings except they use diamond swords. Upon getting hit, the knights can inflict Wither II status effects, making the job easier for them to kill you.
SKILL: Abyssal Swing
When angered, they teleport straight behind you regardless of covered distance (except when target is teleporting to another location like /t spawn), and deal a three-heavy-hit combo that can deplete anyone's health to zero or near zero depending on the attributes of the target or the mob scaling of the knight.

TECHNIQUE: Trapping is not an option. Running/teleporting away from the Wraith Knight is also an option. If you plan to be greedy by killing it, kill it within 3 to 10 seconds before it activates the skill.

Wraith Interceptor
Threat Level: Medium

A wraith who has achieved the art of gravity, interceptors utilize their fists as their main weapon as they constantly pull in players who are near them, giving them the levitation, slowness, and weakness. If players attempt to fight back against the black hole skill, they deal no damage at all to the interceptors but deal damage to those near the interceptor.

TECHNIQUE: If grouped up by different mobs while being tractor beam'd by the interceptor, find a way to heal up quickly as you knock back other mobs away from you. Once the skill is deactivated, maximize the time to kill the interceptor quickly before it activates the skill again.

Wraith Exploder
Threat Level: Medium

A kamikaze wraith who roots people, slowly pulling towards them, dealing massive damage upon explosion, and if tank'd, it can wear out your armor. They are easily identified if they have no armor or no weapons at all.

TECHNIQUE: Do not get near them if you're a starter. The only way to kill the exploder is to kill it as fast as you can before it explodes. Anywhere within 0-3 blocks near the exploder is a near-guarantee of a one-shot kill.

Wraith Archer
Threat Level: Low/Medium

A wraith specializing in ranged attacks, they are sly for the most part because they activate their teleportation skill upon hit, making it hard to chase them down. Acting like stray entities, their bows can be enchanted with or without Flame, but their arrows deal low damage, yet they inflict Slowness I upon hit. They can wear no armor to leather armor as their personal protective gear.

TECHNIQUE: Deal as much damage you can in every hit. If it teleports away, chase after it.

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