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Pending [Towny] AlphaBravo4741's Helper Application


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Jun 28, 2022
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User name: AlphaBravo4741

What is your in-game name? AlphaBravo4741

What is your real name? Ryan

What is your age? 17

Where are you from? Singapore

Discord handle AlphaBravo4741#4409

Which server are you applying for? Towny

Why should we consider you as an applicant? Accepting my applicant as a helper will help the server gain another great team member. Whenever I’m online, I will make sure all sorts of conflicts that happen on the server be resolved peacefully by resolving them with words first and will make sure that both parties will have equal rights to make a statement. To ensure they are integrity, I will always check the records to see if the players are telling the truth. I am a very reasonable guy and will not abuse my powers for revenge or to troll other players for fun. If the player is not cooperative, I will follow the rules accordingly and either temp ban, mute or perm ban based on the severity of the offence made.
Another reason to accept my application is that I am rather creative, in other words, I will always come up with a plan or idea that will satisfy the players as they continue their Minecraft journey in BlockStackers. My imagination can also be used as a problem solver, meaning I will be able to come up with ideas to solve server problems and so of.

What do you believe are your weaknesses and why? In my opinion, one of my weaknesses is public speaking. Public speaking makes me nervous. While I believe that iI wouldn't be needing to do much public speaking as I normally just type out words instead of using voice chat, I still feel that it's an important skill, especially during team discussions or meetings as I can conclude as you’ve asked later in the survey if I could speak in discord voice chat. Another weakness that I have noticed about me is that I am rather untidy. Although it hasn't ever impacted my performance, I've noticed my messy desk and cluttered inbox interfere with my efficiency. Over time, however, I have learned to set aside time to organize my physical and digital space and make it as organizable as possible. In addition, I have seen that it is starting to help improve my efficiency levels during these past few days.

Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? Nope

Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? Trusting others. The server I used to play on was fun, but not as fun as Earthy. I used to trust anyone I met until that incident happened and I left the server, searched on the web and then eventually learned about this server and joined it. I used to trust this one player since he had given me many items upon signing in to the server. After 2 months on the server, I realised that he have been using me to gain additional loot and that was the one who was stealing items from my base. In addition, the admins and mods on that server didn't bother to punish this player whatsoever resulting in me leaving the server for good. Since then, I have stopped trusting any player and have played solo. I learnt to not blindly trust others no matter how sugar-coated their words are or how tempting their offers are.

What position are you applying for: Helper

What does a leader mean to you in relation to maturity? A leader who is able to lead others in harmony and that has great teamwork skills and includes other people/team members' opinions/voice

What or who motivates you to do what you do as a staff member? Sjarlotte gave me the idea of joining the team as a helper as I had mentioned that I was interested on how the coding of certain things in the server work and wish to learn the skills

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft? plastic models and drawing are some of my hobbies outside of Minecraft

SCENARIO: If you see a higher staff abusing what would you do? take down evidence like screenshots and videos and send them to other members/seniors of the staff team and ask for the next step that needs to be taken

SCENARIO: If your friend was hacking on the server what type of action would you take? I will give them a warning first. If they were to not take heed of my words, I will then proceed with swinging the hammer of justice and ban them

SCENARIO: If the server crashed and no other mods are online what will you do ? Will entertain players by playing other web games if they have really got nothing to do or will just announce/explain to members through discord that the server is not running and that they wait patiently

How do you think can we further improve Blockstackers? By adding more PVP minigames like bedwars, skywars etc etc

Do you have any questions for me? nope

Are you able to speak in Discord Voice Channels? Yes


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Feb 8, 2020
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Impressive, best of luck!