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General Server Rules

1. No Griefing/Stealing/Raiding

No raiding bases for blocks, chests or even torches in spawn proofed areas whether it is claimed or unclaimed. Rule of thumb, If it isn't world generated or placed by you, Leave it alone. There are frequent cases where players have agreed to share items and then later fight over ownership, accusing each other of griefing or looting. These will be investigated and handled on a case by case basis, and players will usually be asked to work it out between themselves. Falsely accusing another player of griefing can result in punishment as well.

2. No Scamming/Misleading players

Scamming is a severe offence, and can result in a temporary ban from the server and 50% of your in game balance (/bal) will be deducted. Players are encouraged to make fair deals with newcomers who are not aware of prices. Attempting to mislead players with false information regarding prices, or trying to trade in items of unequal value, or promising prizes for a player-hosted event and failing to reward winners are counted under scamming.

Towny: Mayors/Members of a town are not allowed to invite a player just for claim blocks and kicking them afterwards. If the mayor wants to kick a player out of their town, he/she must notify the player beforehand and give him/her a time limit to move their things out of the town.

3. No Spamming/Cursing/Advertising

being the global language, is the language we use in Public chat (includes forums and discord).

The following are counted against the rules -
  • Using excessive letters / special characters can cloud the chat and become an annoyance for example (Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp,Hi!!!!!! etc)
  • Repetitive posting of something for sale, or repeating something you want to say to gather attention can also be considered as spam.
  • Cursing in chat, be it with abbreviations or in other native languages is not condoned, keeping in mind our community caters to all ages hence we encourage keeping the chat clean.
  • Cursing in /msg if the player is uncomfortable.
  • Toxic behavior including making edgy/racist remarks, jokes on sensitive topics etc.
  • Making inappropriate references in chat, especially regarding topics that aren't child friendly is not allowed, and once it crosses a line according to players, a staff member might take action regarding the severity of the said remark/reference.
  • Renaming items (in accordance to the aforementioned points).
  • Failing to do so can result in a mute from our staff members, or a warning depending on the severity of the offence.
Peaceful Community trolling is allowed, provided users affected are okay with it.

Advertising other servers not owned by Blockstackers (Discord/Website of other servers included) is not allowed be it by custom status on discord or blatant in discord or in game chat, and can result in a permanent ban from the server.

4. No Mods/Hacks

All Hacked and Modified clients that exploit game mechanics or cheats regular gameplay are Not Allowed.

Including but not limited to:-

  • Autoclickers
  • Unplugging mouse to be continuously interacting with world materials while afk
  • Hardware abuse to generate beyond normal actions of the item
  • Macros
  • AFK Pools/Minecarts using 3rd party items to collect world materials
  • Scripted movement pattern
  • Weights or taped down mouse buttons
  • Schematics / Build hacks
  • Tracers to detect mobs
  • Xray, Chest finders etc
  • Applications such as Minechat etc that allow you to bypass donor chat or key farming
The only exceptions are Maps and Graphics Enhancing Shader Packs.

5. No inappropriate names/skins/builds.

Using Inappropriate/Lewd names and skins and making inappropriate builds or writing inappropriate content on signboards is not allowed, and can result anything between a simple warning to a permanent ban from the server.

6. No trapping of players/ claiming or building around another’s property without their consent.

Trapping players / teleporting players to traps that can cause harm/death to the player, or building around another’s property without their consent or claiming it to hinder their progress is against the rules. Preventing a player from accessing their deathchest/charging them for it is also a warnable offence.

7. Misuse of /report or #report-issue

Our in-game report system and discord ticket system are meant to assist players with genuine queries/need of assistance. Misusing either of them to spam/false report (including forging/manipulating evidence) is not allowed, and can result in a warning from staff members if the player refuses to cooperate.

8. No exploiting game mechanics for personal gain

If you come across any bugs/exploits do report to any staff members and co-operate with them. If the staff ask you to demonstrate the bug, only then can it be repeated so that they can take notes.

Exploiting game mechanics for unfair/personal gain/attempting to make laggy machines to crash the server for example flying machines and portal dupe machines or farms is a severe offence, and can result in an immediate ban from the server.

9. Respect all players.

Being a community, we have to respect all players regardless of their age/religion/nationality/beliefs/sexual orientation. Making derogatory / disrespectful remarks is not encouraged, we never know what another person can be going through. Repeatedly disrespecting players can result in a mute or a warning from staff members depending on the severity of the offence.

10. No Alternate accounts/Evading Punishments

Multiple accounts per player is not allowed. Be it for Jail, Ban or Mute evasion or for afk use. If a problem arises and you need to use another account please consult with Admins first.

Evading a mute via discord’s in-game server chat is not allowed either.

11. Nick Abuse

Nick abuse is the act of setting your nickname to that of another player without their consent, or server announcements like ClearLag, especially when using the /nick feature to impersonate a user in a malicious way, such as making offensive comments while using their nickname. Offenders will be asked to change their /nick and may be muted if they fail to comply. Using obfuscated text (&k) in your nickname and item names is prohibited as well.

12. No PvP without consent

PvP is fair if the parties involved consent to it and are using gear that’s equal (exceptions are if the player wants to PvP with inferior gear). It is recommended to use /warp pvparena for freestyle PvP or /warp duel (Classic) for fair ground. Flying in combat, be it with elytra or via /fly (Classic) is a bannable offence, only exception being all parties involved agreeing on it.

13. Nether Roof Access is not allowed- (Travelling in Semi-Vanilla is allowed.)

Any sort of builds on the top of the nether is prohibited, especially EXP farms as it might cause the server to lag. Travelling via the nether top is not allowed as well.

14. No Island farming (SkyBlock)

Island farming is the process of repeatedly recreating islands, either with your main or alternate account (which isn’t allowed) , for the sole purpose of harvesting them to gain more starter materials, such as sand, dirt, and buckets. Players are free to reset their island if they genuinely just feel like either restarting, or clearing all items/builds on their island. It is very easy for staff members to differentiate between situations involving actual island farming, and situations in which the player simply decided to restart their island, without doing so only to gain illegal materials. Do NOTE that, If you already have an Island and you decide to join another island, you , by all means are not allowed to bring in island/nether spawners that are not bought from the spawner shop to the new island, burn them. If caught, there will be consequences.

15. Claim Blocking (Towny)

Building near another player's town or starting a town near another player's town will prevent them from being able to expand out. To refrain from doing so, please leave at least 5 chunks (80 blocks) of space between your town and theirs.

Do note that rules are subject to change, and we will try our best to notify users about further updates.
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