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Dec 18, 2019
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Available Positions
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Helper
  • Helper
    • Able to commit 2-3hrs per day in game
    • At least 25 Forum posts
    • At least 15 years old
    • Create abuse reports on players who break rules
    • Educate, assist, guide and welcome players who are new to the server
    • Applicant should be of good character and willing to learn from Helper Manager
    • Proficient in the English language
    • Willing to help and answer questions asked by community
    • Reports to mods and higher ups
    • Able to work well with others and in your respective teams
    • Active on discord
    • Able to speak in Discord VC

Staff Expectations

Activity: Staff Members are expected to maintain an active presence in game and on discord. If a long term absence is to arise, please notify a member of Management. (1+ Hours per day are required)

Abuse: Misuse of permissions on any of our platforms isn’t allowed. This includes abusively punishing someone, attempting to grief the server, etc etc. This does not include accidents such as a unintentionally false muting or banning a user.

Maturity: Team members are expected to have a good character and be kind to all members of the community. Misbehavior such as cursing out someone isn’t allowed. Staff are not only expected to enforce the rules but also to follow them themselves as well as be mature at all times.

Scamming: Cheating another player out of anything is not tolerated. Staff members are supposed to be trusted members of the community, scamming reflects poorly on this and therefore isn’t allowed.

Attentiveness: Team members are required to be attentive in chat and respond to players as issues arise. Intentionally ignoring a player with a question or asking for help is not acceptable.

Other Endeavours: Staff are allowed to play and be active on multiple different servers. However, is the expectation that staff members here are only staff on this server. If you do wish to seek future opportunities elsewhere contact the manager.

Leaking: Do not leak staff chats or staff sensitive material. Any and all discussions of this sort are to remain private and kept within the team.

Teamwork: Being a staff member requires you to commit to being a team player. This includes good communication, willingness to work with others, and inviting personality.

Apply For Helper
HereTo Apply

*Application for Towny Staff is separated, and to be applied

There will be two stages to which you would have to go through to become an official staff members

  1. Submit the application
  2. Interview
The Interview
Upon selection, you will go through an interview to assess you further
. We will approach you with the interview details when you are selected. Please do note that undergoing an interview does not mean you are accepted into the staff team.

Format For Developer
THREAD TITLE: <Your name>'s Developer Application

1. What is your real name and ingame name?
2. What is your age and date of birth?
3. Where are you from? [Include timezone]
4. Why should we consider you as an applicant?
5. What are your background on being a developer?

You will be further interviewed by Qlause himself.

Format For Tester
THREAD TITLE: <Your name>'s Tester Application

1. What is your real name and ingame name?
2. What is your age and date of birth?
3. Where are you from? [Include timezone]
4. Why should we consider you as an applicant?
5. What is your idea of being a tester?
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