Pending KrammyTor's Helper Application


New member
Aug 24, 2020
1. What is your real name and in-game name?
>> My real name is Mark Clein Toriano while my in-game name is KrammyTor

2. What is your age?
>> 19 years old

3. Where are you from? [Include timezone]
>> I am from the Philippines, the timezone being [GMT+8]

4. Why should we consider you as an applicant?
I've been playing in this server for like 3 months now, and I like the interaction of moderators to players, asking for help, asking what to do, how to do this, how to do that. I started to think that I would do a great job becoming a helper in the server, if they can do it, I can do it. Mostly I do to the new comers is to help them get started by giving them something useful and I love doing that. If I was already helping even though I haven't been even given the position yet, what more if I was an official helper. I will do my best to give the players the expectations they expect to me as a helper.

5. What do you believe are your weaknesses and why?
I consider time management as my weakness. I do a lot of things and sometimes I don't know what to do to handle the time.
>> Another one is the anxiety of interacting with foreign people. I'm scared sometimes that it would be awkward when I talk to them and not to come up with some talks.
>> Too much harsh negative comments, I don't like being push too much by some harsh comments. It will be burden in my heart forever.

Scenario Questions
6. If you see a higher staff abusing what would you do?
I would investigate the situation first, ask him what he/she is doing. If the reason is not valid, I will immediately report it in to the higher staff.

7. If your friend was hacking on the server what type of action would you take?
When it comes to leadership, there is no exceptions. When my friend was hacking, I will immediately report him to the higher staffs. This kind of behavior is not tolerated in the community. The thing I do is for job only. Don't take it personal.

8. If the server crashed and no other mods are online what will you do ?
I will explain to them what happened and ask them to be patient and everything will be fine.

9. What or who motivates you to do what you do as a staff member?
That one helper that recently got a promotion as a Jr. Moderator, His name is Karl! He is always active and helping other people and I admire him to become a helper. I just like the way he interacts with players and handle the situation.

What does a leader mean to you in relation to maturity?
>> For me, leader means integrity, this is the quality of being honest and having strong principles and moral uprightness. The way you influence others to accomplish something that others won't do. Being a good leader is one who is always three steps ahead of the others. He looks out for the people before himself, and that is maturity.

11. How do you think can we further improve Blockstackers?
It is one of the best server that I joined yet. One thing I would like is to take some of the good suggestion of players that may help improve the gaming experience.

12. Do you have any questions for me?
>> Nothing! Just do your best of what you are doing. Be safe!