Approved Jelosaur's Jr Mod Application


Feb 3, 2020
1. What is your real name and in-game name?
My real name is Jefferson Lomantas and my IGN is Jelosaur.
2. What is your age?
I'm 27 years old and turning 28 in July 24.
3. Where are you from? [Include timezone]
I'm from Philippines (GMT+8)
4. Why should we consider you as an applicant?
My intentions for applying is to one, help players because the server is now growing and some are new on playing the game and needs guidance. Two, the staff, because of so many players specially peak hours, staffs are busy and some players can't be attended. Three, the server. These days, the server is having issues about lag. I can help players and advise them some friendly builds for them to use. I know redstone contraptions and builds. Also I learn some ideas from staffs and veterans from the server that I can apply to others for a better server. I'm confident to deal with those problems. For that being said, I'm confident to do the staff's job and considering me as your applicant.
5. What do you believe are your weaknesses and why?
My weaknesses are time and don't have experience being a mod. About time, I can't really do 4 hours straight in playing. I can do like 2 hours play then work, take a break for 1 hour then play, back to work. Then after work go play for a couple of hours. Like there's an interval. But while working, my MC and work are on window mode so I can monitor the game while working. About not having experience being a mod in a MC server, I'm willing to be trained and learn from the Blockstackers team to be an efficient staff. I may not have like an experience like that in game but in real life I have experience on managing a team and a group. So I think I can relate my experience on applying for the position.
6. If you see a higher staff abusing what would you do?
First I will confront that staff in a private manner or not doing that on public. Approach really matters. Advise them that what they're doing is not right. If they're still abusing their power, then I'll report immediately to the owner.
7. If your friend was hacking on the server what type of action would you take?
Of course, give them what they deserved because they're not abiding the rules. Ban them because hacking is a mortal sin in the game.
8. If the server crashed and no other mods are online what will you do ?
What I will do is to calm the players and tell them that the staff team are doing their job to fix the issue, and ask for their patience. Tell them sorry for the inconvenience.
9. What or who motivates you to do what you do as a staff member?
What motivates me is that I love playing Minecraft. Although it's not like some high graphical game like games nowadays. I really enjoyed playing it. Who motivates me are my friends and the community. I really like to help players when I'm not busy. Most of the players are young ones and they're like little brothers and sisters to me. Helping them to have a good gaming experience.
10. What does a leader mean to you in relation to maturity?
A leader is the one who leads the team, teaches the team, helps the team, the role model. And not just the team but also the community. To initiate proper ways for a better experience and a better life.
11. How do you think can we further improve Blockstackers?
We need discipline. A server with discipline will create an ideal community. It also teaches us to be a better person.
12. Do you have any questions for me?
I don't have any questions for you because I know you're doing a great job. Keep it up.


New member
Feb 21, 2020
jelo should get mod because even without mod he is more helpful then some staff out there 😬


Feb 29, 2020
I think Jelosaur deserve this, and he will be doing this job very effective. :)
Good luck Jelo!