Approved Invincible's Artisan Application

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Active member
Jan 2, 2020
West Bengal, India
Discord Name and Tag : Invincible#8595
Real name: Goutam
Ign : invincible

About Me : I am a college student in my second year from India. I have been playing in this server since October of last year. Have mad many friends here and cherish the server :)

Why should i get the rank : I have been playing here since factions . I was originally a member of TeamAI and later on I moved to vanilla, then classic and now settled on towny. My town is Sendai and we mostly have old vanilla and classic players. Lately I got the knight rank as a gift (Thanks so much Latte!) and with nothing to do I am mostly online near morning. While I cant say if I have been a role model or a very helpful player, I have always followed the rules of this server and continue to do so while enjoying my time here. Many players here know me including mods and admins and i am grateful to all the players, mods,admins for their help :). Recently i completed the top voter challenge so i thought of applying (since i can), I have also completed other requirements but i dont know how to include playtime since its distributed on classic, towny,vanilla,sb. I try to help new players as much as i can and also remind new players about rules if they dont follow them.

Ps: I changed my discord tag from Goutam to Invincible again since online classes on discord stopped. I attached screenshots of playtime and votes on each server: towny,vanilla,classic


Not open for further replies.