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Classic Emerald Pine's Newcomer Housing


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Oct 9, 2020
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Hi I am Astafor, also known as the guy who cleans up the End. But I am also the Vice Mayor of Emerald Pines Town which our beloved 08RimuruPlays own. In this side-project of mine, I built (currently) 2 starter houses for players who wants to live near other players but haven't decided if they want to play long term yet. For any of you who is like this feel free to /msg me when im online or post here.

Of course this won't be your permanent house but this is only given to you as I know that you want to build your own base of operations. I planned of the fear that you may claim a piece of land and abandon your build because you don't want to play anymore. This makes it impossible to remove the abandoned base and just obstructs further improvements of the town.

After some time, if I see that you intend to play longer in our server, I will grant you a proper permission to build your base in the town proper.

Now as a way to attract new inhabitants, I listed all the things that is present when you decide to move in.

1. A crafting table, a smoker, a blast furnace a bed and three double chests for storage.
2. Starter Tools (given free by yours truly) such as 2 Iron Swords, Axes and Picks
3. A periodic provision of steaks
4. A small farm space under the house; and finally
5. A community Ender chests and Nether Portal

(P.s Please don't even think of trying to get the free items then bailing out. I'll post every single new tenant in this thread to act as proof. I can be very PERSISTENT when dealing with scammers.)
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