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Approved Builder application

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Nov 13, 2020
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Good day :)

My name is Jean Pierre Colin. ( JP usually works fine :) )
Minecraft username is screamingtoast.
I am 31 years of age come February.
I am a South African citizen and currently reside on Grand Cayman, thats Eastern Standard time I believe. (GMT-5)

Id like to be considered for server builder because I am capable of creating builds that none have seen before, my designs are unique ,colorful and usually 100% symmetrical. I have a sharp eye for detail and I usually don't stop until there's simply isn't room to add anymore detail.
Iv been playing minecraft since its release in 2009 and have built large structures on a few international servers, and have held the Server Builder title on 3 servers , but after sometime I became discouraged as the servers were either ddosed, reset or for some other reasons got wiped, and builds that I had sometimes spent over a year on , vanished overnight.
I once had an entire fort tuned to cake....
It has become a passion and a pasttime to log on after a days work, and play straight through the night perfecting a build. Usually I build alone as I have not yet met anyone that builds like me, I am a team player however as my profession is Scuba Instruction and captaining of dive boats.

My weaknesses.
The most relevant one would be the fact that Im not particularly clued up with world editor, never have been, I honestly found it a bit annoying when trying to copy paste something but its always off by a block. All my builds are counted block by block, which is what the owners of the servers found impressive considering I could fill a 20 000 claim block area with a perfect build, without world editor.
Well I sometimes get upset for being harassed nonstop by people who like harassing, I wasnt a very good moderator because dealing with nonstop trivial issues grind my gears. So building away to the side until Im done usually goes well.
I honestly cant think of anything else that would be relevant. I have a pleasant conversational manner, and actually enjoy chatting with people while I build.

If its worth mentioning, I dont play MC for any other reason than to build. I dont pvp, I dont look for trouble or conflict of any kind, I actually prefer being out of the way, and just have people come by my builds.

Attached are the only pics I have of my last build which was still a work in progress before I stopped playing on that server.
NOTE: because that server was only updated to 1.12 , it messed up the stairs, slabs and doors. :(
Also FYI, this build was done in survival.... I mined all the resources.

Thank you for reading my application :)

PS: after some thought I realized I hadn't explained much what I can build.
Most of my builds were either used as main spawns, pvp arenas, 'Quake style Arena's', spleef arenas, Racing courses, dungeons and one of my best was for a block hunt map, where players had a time limit to find certain blocks. It was built from Quartz , Redstone and Lapis, looked like a massive symmetrical temple with stairs up and down, balconies and bridges.

I only recently joined this server, and have not yet played on 1.16, so Im exited to see the variety of blocks Mojang has added, and have decided to start working on a large oval shaped ice rink boat racing course. I think it could be great fun with 10 or so players racing laps bumping car style over the ice, grand stands on the sides and VIP viewing boxes overhead.


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Aug 13, 2020
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good luck on your application :D
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