Approved Akuma's Apprentice Application

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Aug 25, 2020
Sri Lanka
Discord Name & Tag: Akuma#7317

Real Name: Dulan

Minecraft Name: Akuma

Votes for server: 108

About Me: Has 186 hours on Towny and 244 hours on Classic server...Has a knack of starting huge projects and the Arctic Hold of towny is a good example of my vision and I like to help new players and existing players with all their questions if I have proper answers to them...not famous or anything but a few people might know about me and my grind's to hoping this gets accepted ❤

Why I should get the rank (achievements, milestones, creations, contributions, if any) : Creator and Builder of Artic Hold in Towny (rip)... Creator and Builder of Stone Haven in the classic server (70% complete) on the road to a mil in balance but keeps buying CE instead...

Last Words : I really do want the apprentice tag so bad because I wanna bug the hell out of sherazz jk never able to afford those donor ranks so ima just get the ones that you have to play to get ❤


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