Pending AiAwakeniA's Builder Application

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Jun 30, 2020
Format For Builder
THREAD TITLE: <AiAwakeniA>'s Builder Application

1. What is your real name and in-game name?
-Real Name: Kyubin Sim
-In-Game Name: AiAwakeniA

2. What is your age?
-Age: 20 years old

3. Where are you from? [Include timezone]
-Seattle, WA (GMT-7)

4. Why should we consider you as an applicant?
-To be honest, I have no professional proof to show that I'm a skilled builder, but this doesn't show why I should be picked to be a builder rank. The reason why I'm here applying for the builder rank is to show my skills. I'm not here to brag about my skills I do know there is Sr-Builder or Head-Builder in this server. That is why I need to apply to be a builder. so I can help other staff and the servers.

5. What do you believe are your weaknesses and why?
-Weakness: Building something with multiple colors because I find it difficult to match colors that will look good.

6. Portfolio/Design Sample [Send at least 5 of your most impressive builds]

Here is better build that I did
Some of my builds are detailed and build in survival mode only. Sorry about the image that is blurry due to rain.
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Dec 19, 2019
Builder applications are closed for the time being, you can still apply but your application will stay pending for a while. Builder team will look into it when they are recruiting builders again. Your patience will be appreciated, thanks.
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