Rejected 2kLazers Helper Application!


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Dec 22, 2019
USA, Eastern
1. What is your real name and ingame name? (My ingame name is 2klazer and my real name is Barry Holman)
2. What is your age? (12)
3. Where are you from? [Include timezone] ( I am from North Carolina , USA, EST)
4. Why should we consider you as an applicant? ( Because I am loyal and will to learn and help!)
5. What do you believe are your weaknesses and why? I think my weakness is I can be a little dumbfounded. Some times I just zone out.
Scenario Questions
6. If you see a higher staff abusing what would you do? ( Ask him to stop 3 times then report him to a higher rank.)
7. If your friend was hacking on the server what type of action would you take? ( I would do the same thing above.)
8. If the server crashed and no other mods are online what will you do ? ( I would right a message to Qluase of a high staff and calm down the players.)
9. What or who motivates you to do what you do as a staff member? ( I see staff as kind and helpful people, That's what I want to be.)
10. What does a leader mean to you in relation to maturity? ( A leader is some one who helps a person in need and takes whats coming for them.)
11. How do you think can we further improve Blockstackers? (There is nothing wrong with this sever so far! You guys are doing great!)
12. Do you have any questions for me? (Nope!)

About me: (I added this Ik its not part of it)
I am from North Carolina and I love to play Minecraft! I am a fun loving person who is always devoted to there projects!
Like when I start something I never quit. For me its kinda hard to make friends at school but I can make friends in Minecraft!
Also I have a lot of pets (irl and in Minecraft). My favorite pet is my cat Rusty. He is a orange Tabby cat.
I hope whoever views this one day we can become friends!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my App! Have a nice day!!! -2kLazer
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Dec 18, 2019
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It's not about ur age but we would love to know about u, please do write back with back to us with a complete and full detailed application
Pro tip: Give a more lengthy but less boasty answer. With short answers we could not really read how u are as a person.