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  1. FlippyDoop

    Rejected [Classic] FlippyDoop's Helper Application

    User name: FlippyDoop What is your in-game name? FlippyDoop What is your real name? Not Necessary What is your age? 16 Where are you from? India Discord handle FlippyDoop#4865 Which server are you applying for? Classic Why should we consider you as an applicant? I’ve been on this server...
  2. FlippyDoop

    100k Meme Event - Classic

    Hello everyone! I am you-know-who some random trash Doing a event where the prize is 100k classic bal to the winner, here are instructions: What To Do In The Event: I am providing 6 templates of my rabbit luffy, from which you have to edit and make the best memes you can ;>. The templates must...
  3. FlippyDoop

    120 Stacks Of Diamond Block

    hello stackers i’m giving away 120 stacks of diamond blocks (worth 1mil+ if sold in /shop) in classic. Date: 30th May, 2022 Time: 10am Morning IST (i can be late no promises) [use google for timezone dont be lazy] Events: Maze, Simon Says, Parkour and Chat Games Note: Everyone will have...
  4. FlippyDoop

    This is a poll ur vote matters.

  5. FlippyDoop

    Fake Staff Applications

    Hello, you can apply for Fake Staff here, I will tell you if you are REJECTED or APPROVED. Format: In-Game Name: Nick Name: Age: (if 69 rejected automatically) Human Verification, what does this say "F4K3 $T4FF": Why do you want to be Fake Staff: If someone is hacking and helps you with...
  6. FlippyDoop

    Bedwars Nerf for avoiding Auto-Clickers

    Hi, auto clickers have been rising too much lately and had a suggestion to make the game more fair for everyone is bedwars. In 1.16 bedwars (beta), tnt price was increased to make the gameplay more fun avoiding rushers. In the same way, a cps limit should be placed by the server, so that the...
  7. FlippyDoop

    Add /hug :3

    A feature where you can send 1 hug to a person in 1 day (thats cute), everyday you get a free hug to send with /hug <user>. when someone hugs you, in chat it will say <user> hugged you! wholesome feature xD.
  8. FlippyDoop

    Selling Class Stuff

    Selling the following in classic- Accepting both bal and keys payment. Spawner x2 - 169k each Villager egg x1 - offer me 70% heroic dust - offer me Reserve here or pm me
  9. FlippyDoop

    Bedwars Anti-Hacker

    Hi, recently, I have noticed many auto-clicker and hackers, I even saw the hackers 1v1 lol, but while in game you cant report, so here's a custom report suggestion- Similar to hypixle, if you see a hacker, you can use this command- /rep <username> [options like kill aura, cross teaming...
  10. FlippyDoop


    HELLO I AM FLIPPY MAKE YOUR OWN FONT DOWN -—-—-—-SUP-—-—-—- >>>>>>>ZOOM<<<<<<< _._._._._._._._._._._._ AHHHHHAAAHHHH
  11. FlippyDoop

    !!! He is there !!!

    Did Computrix login to the server? @BearyBad
  12. FlippyDoop

    This is not a rickroll

    Really. It is not. Cause I wont do it. Kill me if it is. Random post. Oi, why u still reading. Ok ok, this is not a it. Lol you got rickrolled
  13. FlippyDoop

    Lets Make Faces and stuff!

    Simply make things like this: 👁 👁 👃🏻 👄
  14. FlippyDoop

    Website dying, lets get some topiks

    Ok so website it officially dying, not much goin on here, so lets get some topics here. Hi to the person below me
  15. FlippyDoop

    Cya’ll after 5 months :D

    Hey guys! Writing this 6 in the morning, my sister just, left for airport for her collage, and she will be taking the laptop with her, Im kinda lonely :V. So I wont be playing for 5 months, probably. Just wanted to say I will miss u all, I gave away many valuables so take care of them, and hope...
  16. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    ok its simple, you just answer the question above you and the ask a question for the next user. Rules: 1: Dont ask anything too private or inappropriate 2: You must answer the question above you and then ask the person below a question. Example: Answer: I ate waffles for dinner yesterday...
  17. FlippyDoop

    This poll is useless (II)

  18. FlippyDoop

    Selling Springs 3/Pull 2 and others

    Im selling springs 3, pull 2 and others AE's, pl me in-game to bargain the price? Im also selling full netherite armor (fully vanilla enchanted and maxed) for 49k, pm me when online Extra note: I won't be playing much rn
  19. FlippyDoop

    Do a face reveal please :3

    Hey! This is just my personal list of the people I want to do a face reveal on website, im not foring anyone just wanted to make a list xD d1v1ne, and10, hemo, alphonse, velocity (this one will be hard :V), jaden, samosa, titansivia, boiblox And specially for qlause: do a elbow reveal Hehe
  20. FlippyDoop

    #PoopGang Applications

    Hey! This is a forum where u can apply for "Poop" in your nick, and join #PoopGang. Rules: 1: Must have /nick 2: you can apply for any server (Classic, Towny, Vanilla, Skyblock) 3: You must use "Poop" at the end of your nick, or you will be removed from the gang. 4: if you are not applying...