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  1. Escarlet

    Pending Escarlet's Builder Application

    1. What is your real name and in-game name? Reny || Escarlet 2. What is your age? 21 yro (old isn't) 3. Where are you from? [Include timezone] Indonesia (GMT +7) 4. Why should we consider you as an applicant? i can build big thing and always try to build as beautiful as possible, my...
  2. Escarlet

    Sorry \(>_<")

    Can't login for a while Because this thing o_O sorry 🙏
  3. Escarlet

    Ore :v

    havent you heard about flexing some ore? :v
  4. Escarlet

    Ore :v

  5. Escarlet

    A little tutorial about your life

  6. Escarlet

    *insert duck tale bgm :v

  7. Escarlet

    Marhaban Ya Ramadhan <3

  8. Escarlet

    Towny D:

    Can wait :D
  9. Escarlet

    i want dark mode on forum

    too bright
  10. Escarlet

    viewpoint :D

    Look front :love: : Look inside :eek: : im renovating my castle, want to make it bigger and set my throne
  11. Escarlet


  12. Escarlet


    this is my first posting after come back to this server, so i want a little of your opinion : that yellow mark is my main gate, where should i build next gate?? point 1,2, or 3?? and this is my main gate looks like thanks :ROFLMAO:
  13. Escarlet


  14. Escarlet

    Hi :D

    Hi :D