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  1. Cookyngtata

    I'm going now, for a good cause. Bye! :'D

    *Hello! if you're reading this.. which you are. That means I've probably already out of home, so I wont even reply here, so yeh* anyways, I started playing Blockstackers on the march, 2021 with my lil' brother but I dont want to talk about that here. I did already wrote a thread of that story...
  2. Cookyngtata

    Get to know me better here -Cooky :D

    The Title kinda already explain it all, you can ask question to know about me better. Example: Cooky, which country do you live at? and I will probably respond to it. If you want to ask me multiple questions, you can list all of the question in a single message, (maximum 8) I would like to...
  3. Cookyngtata

    Sentence Chain!!

    I'm doing this just because I don't want this website to die :') Alright. It's simple, Just make a sentence using words (duh) But each person gets 1 word. (The rules are kinda the same as 'Let's Count to infinity !!') Example: Hooman: We Hooman2: Don't Hooman3: Eat Non-Hooman: Banana and...
  4. Cookyngtata

    Cookyngtata's story :D || [1] (I'm bored, so here a random story that just happened)

    DISCLAIMER: Some of the words/Grammar is probably wrong in this story since I'm kinda in a rush to think about it (also, If it's boring for you, It is understandable, you can go if you want :>) Alright, so some of yall know about me & Channie's thing, ya know... (I'm not going to dive deep)...
  5. Cookyngtata

    Guide [Classic] How To Make Colored Text On Signs (No Dyes)

    Notice and Info:- Hello There! In This Thread, I Will Guide And Explain To You How To Make Colored Text On Signs Without Using Any Colored Dyes! But First, Keep In Mind That You Can Only Do This If You're VIP or above Rank, Since only VIP and above (Paid Ranks From /donate) have this perk to do...
  6. Cookyngtata

    Im doing something :>

    If you want to be in this picture sent me your skin either here in the comments or discord DMs (Cookyngtata#5181) and tell me How you want your Post looks like. tank u :> Current People In The Image:- Cookyngtata doond GiekPlayer Tornhead_tl CallmeJulian_ FlippyDoop
  7. Cookyngtata

    Dare: List 3 things that you hated about me :> (no hard feelings)

    Example: 1: Cooky is dumb cause he dont know whats 1 + 1 2: Cooky always make me mad cause he uhh, ate Cookies D:< 3: yes What's your POV? i wanna see then i go change my self :7 (I will no be sed cause i dont have any tears to drop now)
  8. Cookyngtata

    Alo, Cooky here, this is FULL story of what happen to me in blockstackers,

    Hello! I am Cookyngtata, my real name is (ask on discord instead) and you can call me either, Cooky, Cooki, Cook, Cookyng, Cookie, Cooks, Cookies, and lastly, Cookyngpasta(Ou call me this) i know, that was alot of Cooks Anyway, i found this server by just looking around Google, trying to find...
  9. Cookyngtata

    Favorite Building Themes/Style? and why?

    I really like medieval, Lush Caves and Modern looking build, its just looks great for me... I like medieval type theme cost some of my fav blocks is Trapdoor, Stairs and Slabs I also like Lush Caves looking theme cause after the moss block and other blocks came out, we can add a lot of detail in...