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  1. FlippyDoop

    yo i cant enter the server

    open a ticket on discord server, you will get somewhat professional help there
  2. FlippyDoop

    Hello it is me the cringe

  3. FlippyDoop

    update ur status guys

    update ur status guys
  4. FlippyDoop

    Fast Justice on Demand! #VigilanteJusticeSystem

    in my experienc, whenever i /report in game (in good time of the day not like midnight) i instantly get a staff to take the report, some of them adjust to player’s need and work on the case without needing a ticket (i used to not have discord) others would just say “make a ticket” and not help...
  5. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    none :c did u pray to god mich today
  6. FlippyDoop

    Rant about Blockstackers

    simple fix for afk method would be not giving players that are tagged “AFK” by the server keys, since bs tp’s u to spawn if u afk.
  7. FlippyDoop

    Rant about Blockstackers

    that’s alright, when i said “i enjoyed ce times more” i meant i enjoyed everything then alot, infact i didnt use any other ce then inquisitive and glowing.
  8. FlippyDoop

    Rant about Blockstackers

    taking that into consideration, i’ll still say i enjoyed ce times more. yes pinata too creates tps drop, still no solution for it. pinata spams chat. what’s another ce leaving detonate which heavily impacted server?
  9. FlippyDoop

    Classic Selling VIP/VIP+ (Temporary Closed)

    bro what how that cheap
  10. FlippyDoop

    Serious Matter

    peepeepoopoo69 is my pass
  11. FlippyDoop

    Rant about Blockstackers

    you will keep saying that things have improved and changed for the good of the community itself but it’s a fact i enjoyed ce times alot more (and so did alot more people) i thought mc servers were supposed to improve in a way they are more fun
  12. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    idk fav food ?
  13. FlippyDoop

    exams are pro

    exams are pro
  14. FlippyDoop


  15. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    yes fav anime?
  16. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    me nub to rock what’s ur fav emoji
  17. FlippyDoop

    I'm going now, for a good cause. Bye! :'D

    Cooker goodluck on ur studies, make sure to enjoy life! Bai bai! me
  18. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    Fine you: knock knock me: who is there?
  19. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    They’re smiling!!! How cute! Yes bird what to do when ur friend plays genshin simpact 14 hours a day (literally)
  20. FlippyDoop

    My Introduction