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    Favorite build theme?

    Awesome, both of you!. What else, people?
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    Towny Project TP Hub

    Right, I understand that, but this Project Hub would be for the community to rent some of the teleport slots. Let's say I'm working on a witch farm. I want to rip out an area of the world that is 512 by 512 blocks from the surface all the way to bedrock. I could make a platform just outside the...
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    lukaradoplayer’s Introducution

    That's fine. Welcome regardless! 😉
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    If you were to have a custom tag for free, what would it be?

    I think I'd go for [Legacy]. Those few of us that have been playing MC since 2009 should get to wear this tag.
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    Who Am I?

    Okay, but ... Who Am I?
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    lukaradoplayer’s Introducution

    Welcome, Luke
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    Yeah! PC Games: --Minecraft --Starbound --Astronomer --Call of Duty World at War (tactical realism server) --Call of Duty Cold War (because Vanguard is bad) --Battlefield 4 (If I want to fight modern) --Battlefield V (If I want to go back to World Wars) --Guild Wars (no... Not GW2) --Project...
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    make the enderman farms actually efficient in towny

    What exactly is the issue? Are you building on the right level?
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    Add /hug :3

    I just got /hug'd today!
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    More events

    Aside from staff, do we have an event committee in the Towny server?
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    Towny Project TP Hub

    We could have a TP system setup (easy with command blocks) where there's a custom hub within the Towny server that players can access via the following command: /pwarp ProjectHub Within this hub, there are several doors, or even NPCs all in a row or a circle. Players can request builder help...
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    *Delete me*

    Delete thread. Duplicate post.
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    Post your system specs!

    What are your computer system specs! Don't lie! Be proud! My entire system is rack mounted in my homelab stuffed in a 4U Rosewill chassis. ASUS ROG X299-E Gaming II Intel i9-10900X (4.9GHz all core, 5.0GHz 2 core) EVGA RTX 3090 K|NGP|N (2.175GHz) 64GB (4×16) G.Skill TridentZ 4000MHz CL14 EKWB...
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    Ask the person below a question

    You didn't leave me a question!! What color is the closest item to your left currently?
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    What Do u Think Should Be Added In Minecraft

    Auto crafting feature that SciCraft's own ilmango demo'd. This feature would be extremely useful and would make redstoners, like myself, enjoy building more auto autonomous systems.
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    Ban the user above you

    Banned for being younger than me, lol
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    Selling Amythest Blocks (Towny)

    If anyone is in need of Amythest Blocks, please let me know. I have easy access to a lot of them. If you have any bulk inquires, please give me time to complete the order. 😁 Thank you!
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    Hey, everyone! My name is TunnelRat. Most people just call me "Rat". I'm nearly 30 years old, and I've been playing Minecraft since its inception in 2009. I'm extremely OCD on storage in-game. Early game I'm constantly organizing all of the materials my friends and I are gathering for easier...
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    Rejected [Vanilla] DaddyJevon's Helper Application

    Best of luck Jev! This guy is a hard worker. He and I not only shredded through deepslate for 3+ hours straight with Sjar, but he also joined my new town and is turning out to be a great asset and great addition to our town's staff.