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  1. Ambient_Tomato


  2. Ambient_Tomato

    Bedwars Bugs and issues

    1: Ladders not properly working on v1.8 (in 1.16 server) Going onto a ladder will make you stuck, potentially putting you at a disadvantage when you need no climb upwards. It also makes ladder clutching excruciatingly painful to perform. 2: Kb is nerfed too much The KB in the...
  3. Ambient_Tomato

    [New] Bedwars Update issues .

    Yea also ladders are buggy in 1.8
  4. Ambient_Tomato

    Classic Make AEs easier to obtain

    Aes are super powerful, depending on what they are, but they are a pain to obtain. I think making a way to obtain them easier is a pretty good choice. Maybe making them available via making them craftable is a good pick. Perhaps surrounding a book with a different tier items (eg., diamonds...
  5. Ambient_Tomato

    Classic Increase mob limit per chunk

    Ohhh, i understand (:
  6. Ambient_Tomato

    Lucky Block Bedwars

    oh this will be fun
  7. Ambient_Tomato

    Classic Increase mob limit per chunk

    The mob limit makes it hard to make trading halls, cuz the villagers randomly despawn. It also makes it hard to obtain tridents, wither skeleton skulls, and other rare drops.