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  1. NimKim

    Pending Nima's Helper Application

    1. What is your real name and ingame name? Nima, NimKim 2. What is your age? 22 3. Where are you from? [Include timezone] Iran [GMT +3:30] 4. Why should we consider you as an applicant? I've been actually worked as a member of helper team in a lot of communities, Which makes me have some...
  2. NimKim

    Chicken kebab with Sprite so yum yum

    Chicken kebab with Sprite so yum yum
  3. NimKim

    Approved NimKim's Professional Application

    I've uploaded already, I assume its not showing up Imma try to redo it. Thanks tho!
  4. NimKim

    Approved NimKim's Professional Application

    Discord Name & Tag: Nima#6615 Real Name: Nima Minecraft Name: NimKim Votes for server: 110 About Me: I'm playin here for like a long time, like for one year, as per this, I assume I can be good to receive this rank Why I should get the rank (achievements, milestones, creations...
  5. NimKim

    Thank you everyone!

    Take care, wish to see ya around!
  6. NimKim

    Read this if you are brave enough

    wow offended
  7. NimKim

    Rab is friends with TOmmyInnit

    bruhhhh what
  8. NimKim

    Good bye everyone

    byeeeeeee Randy
  9. NimKim

    Meow's Underground :)

    This looks awesome tho
  10. NimKim

    Hi there!

    Welcome Sandy Where you play mostly?
  11. NimKim


  12. NimKim

    Classic - Diamonds > Money + Chest Shops

    50$ is not so fair thats what I know
  13. NimKim

    Closed funny suggestion XD

    in vanilla?
  14. NimKim

    How do i place more than 40 Hoppers?

    you can put them between chunks, 40 in one and 40 in one else
  15. NimKim

    More vote sites, please!

    3 is enough, you can get 4 tokens per day, if a donor, it would be 8 that would be like 2000 claimtoken in 3 days I think that would be enough for now
  16. NimKim

    Classic - Diamonds > Money + Chest Shops

    Yet would be nice if you can sell it tho
  17. NimKim


    Good one