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  1. RabroubFTW

    Info Vanilla SD Applications

    Before You Apply! Please do read this thread before applying. If you have done it already, then please follow the proper format below. In case your application gets accepted, do PM Ramez#2359 on discord for further informations...
  2. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla's NEW SD!

    Hello BlockStackers! As mentioned few weeks ago in #annoucements on our discord server, we said that we will be working on setting up a new Shopping District, and here it is! How Will the SD function? We will be going with a community based SD which means every shop owner has to build his own...
  3. RabroubFTW

    Selling Selling prot V armor set ln towny!

    As mentioned in thread name, I'm selling full prot V armor set on towny for: 150-200k for 1 piece. 700-800k for full set. I'll accept the best deal, /msg RabroubFTW if you are interested in the deal, thanks! I'm also selling other valuables like: - Skeleton spawn egg - Spider spawn egg -...
  4. RabroubFTW

    Selling Selling valuables at "TOWNY"

    Hello, I'm selling some valuable items on towny server: Skeleton spawn egg Spider spawn egg Elytras Gold ingots/blocks Emerald blocks Gunpowder Bone blocks You can /msg RabroubFTW in game for prices, thanks for your time :D
  5. RabroubFTW

    Selling Selling skeleton egg at towny

    As mentioned in title, I'm selling: -Skeleton egg -Spider egg -Elytras At towny server, /msg RabroubFTW in game if interested or ping me in PM via discord, thanks!
  6. RabroubFTW

    Classic Buying mystic keys

    I'm buying mystic keys on classic for valuables on vanilla: 1 mystic key on classic for: 64 diamonds on vanilla OR 1 elytra on vanilla OR 1 beacon on vanilla PS: If you are classic player, please check out...
  7. RabroubFTW

    Classic Selling titan tools

    I'm selling titan tools: 1 Titan sword for 150-300k OR 15-25 mystic keys. 2 Titan axes for 150-300k OR 15-25 mystic keys EACH. You will get 1 nether star for every purchase.
  8. RabroubFTW

    Classic Selling CES

    I'm selling 3 ces: Overload II for 150-200 k OR 10 mystic keys. Paingiver III for 450-600 k OR 16 mystic keys. Smoke bomb III for 100-150k OR 5 mystic keys. For every purchase you can choose to get: 1 nether star. OR 1 Enchanted golden apple. Blackscroll for sell aswell for...
  9. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla I'm looking for miners

    Hello peeps, I'm working on a big project with couple of friends, which is boom booming a 176 by 176 perimeter all the way down to bedrock and there is places we can't really use TNT so I'm looking for couple of miners out there to help me out, PM me on discord for further instructions. Take...
  10. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla Buying TNT

    My team and I working on a big perimeter project and it needs a lot of TNT to get it all done, if anyone is interested in selling tnt ( sand or gunpowder works aswell ) please let me know in game by /msg RabroubFTW or via discord. Have a good day :D
  11. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla Buying TONS of SAND / GRAVEL / BONE BLOCKS .

    /Msg RabroubFTW for more details. Thanks :D .
  12. RabroubFTW


    Shopping district rules : 1 . Message @Rab_FTW#9258 at discord if you want to set up a shop . 2 . Shop needs to be themed , you cannot sell random items . If you feel like you want to change the theme of your shop , you can always build another one . ( It's not limited to 1 shop per player ...
  13. RabroubFTW


    Heya Vanilla Peeps , As most of u know we have a brand new shopping district that has been under construction and planning . It's OPEN NOW , u can all come and shop and u call aswell open ur own shops if u follow the proper format. Check out the thread post in community project called BRAND NEW...
  14. RabroubFTW


    Hello my fellow minecrafters , Hope you all doing well . You have resources and farms and u wanna sell products but u don't know where . Well this is the place peeps. The brand new shopping district on vanilla server . Basically as most of u know u have to build a shop by ur own and sell...
  15. RabroubFTW


    Hello my fellow mine crafters, I'm pretty sure that there is good builders here in bs and that's why I'm giving u a chance to show off ur skills and the winner will get cool rewards such as beacon , enchanted elytra or trident or shulkers with valuable thingie. Also I'm totally doing that...
  16. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla NEW "Nether Hub"

    Hello peeps , Hope u all doing well . Today I'm here to announce the mega brand new project coming to vanilla server . So basically this project was taken by other players on server , due to personal problems they won't take that project and that's why my friends and I will take care about that...
  17. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla Buying Shulker boxes/shells

    PM me in discord or in game for more infos
  18. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla Selling Fire Works / Books

    Fire works available for sell : The prices depends on the quantity u buying if u buy more cheaper prices . Books available for sell : Mending Silk touch Sharpness V Infinity Flame Fire Aspect 2 Protection IV And more soon...
  19. RabroubFTW

    Vanilla " The Alps "

    Hello everyone, Merry Christmas and I hope u all doing well . I'm Here today to tell u all abt A project some vanilla players working on since a long time ago . Basically idea started in factions but server got down to some technical problems so we beginning again on vanilla server . U all...
  20. RabroubFTW

    RabroubFTW's Helper Application

    RabroubFTW》Helper 1.Hello, my irl name is Ramez Alonso and ign is RabroubFTW 2.I'm 17 yo Born in July the 3rd 2002 3. I"m from Sweden but Recently Moved To Tunisia Both of my parents work here 4. Well I playing 6 months in server so I have good experience Here in...