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  1. Snow

    Q & A - pt.3

    Labymod, and Labymod sucks
  2. Snow

    grammar 100

    grammar 100
  3. Snow

    Guide How to get better at PvP

    1v1 in 1.16 then
  4. Snow

    My Skin :3

    people with non slim skins trigger me help
  5. Snow

    My apology

    Get well soon.
  6. Snow

    My apology

    It's not your fault, Muhamad and adam were just mad because they weren't good enough or lost the chance to win. It's not your fault, none of this is. Don't blame yourself for the things other people do. Happy Birthday bud
  7. Snow

    Got Banned from survival YAY

  8. Snow

    Best staff

    shhhh... leave them alone. I wanna see some drama...
  9. Snow

    Im doing something :>

    Fair enough, no one does xD
  10. Snow

    Im doing something :>

    Time to cry because I'm not in picture *sob, no big deal ;'
  11. Snow


    still admin, nice
  12. Snow

    New competition in classic!! (chance to win 300k and some other stuff)

    IGN: Daikuuu Nick: kindasleepy
  13. Snow

    What do you do if you see a Dog?

    Shut the hell up you dont know crap
  14. Snow

    I can see and feel the people who got triggered by what you said.

    I can see and feel the people who got triggered by what you said.
  15. Snow

    not at all

    not at all
  16. Snow

    Grand Event!

    The pvp event would be much more exciting to see and watch if people use dia armor and diamond swords honestly o: (Because people in fist pvp just spam and it's just kinda annoying reeeeeeee #BringBackDuels ;-; ) Anyways this event(s) look fun! Good luck to ya'll o:
  17. Snow


  18. Snow

    Pending GiekPlayer's Builder Application

    If you're gonna be a builder then calm down with the toxicness in bw, other than tht good luck
  19. Snow

    Pending mayank8898s Builder Application

    Good luck! Great builds btw Lazy builders: "Haha, funny..." *runs*
  20. Snow

    Buying Buying AE's

    Neutralize 4/5 - 600k - 700k (can be higher) Valor 2 - 500k Ward 4 - 500k Vulcan Sword - 200k Neutralize is a priority, please sell D;