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  1. OneEyedCapsule

    Rejected [Classic] noobgamerXD's Helper Application

    Hey buddy just to tell the staff applications for Classic Towny And all other server excpet bedwars have been closed so pls look out when they re open
  2. OneEyedCapsule

    Pending [Bedwars] Kosmo_FX's Helper Application

    Good luck buddy Capsule
  3. OneEyedCapsule

    The Last Post Wins!

    Nice try people but imma win
  4. OneEyedCapsule

    Pending [Bedwars] Brucenotfound's Helper Application

    Eyyyy Let's go Good Lucky buddy Capsule
  5. OneEyedCapsule

    Pending YurieSy Builder Application

    Yurie I think u need some more original builds which the builders like as the amount you shared is a bit low to see how much good you can build Capsule
  6. OneEyedCapsule

    Netherite mining Training

    You can just earn money by mining dude no need to make these classes
  7. OneEyedCapsule

    Rejected [Classic] NoObQuEeN666's Helper Application

    Good Luck :D Capsule
  8. OneEyedCapsule

    ↓is doing drugs and writing this

    ↓is doing drugs and writing this
  9. OneEyedCapsule

    Take Care Roy :D

    Take Care Roy :D
  10. OneEyedCapsule

    Pending Luckie's Builder Application

    Good Luck buddy Capsule
  11. OneEyedCapsule

    Pending HiperAlex's Builder Application

    Les go HiperAlex ur popping off Capsule
  12. OneEyedCapsule

    Ryan stop u aren't funny ;-;

    Ryan stop u aren't funny ;-;
  13. OneEyedCapsule

    Good Bye

    Good Luck for your future life buddy and you're always welcomed on Blockstackers Capsule
  14. OneEyedCapsule

    Classic Selling CEs, Black or White Scroll, Angel Dust

    Hey I would like to buy Rekt III if u still have it so if u still have it pls reserve for me :D Capsule
  15. OneEyedCapsule

    Classic [Selling] Titan Armour and Tools, MVP Kit

    Hey I'm capsule from classic could you pls reserve a Titan helmet as I'm willing to buy it I don't have the bal required right now so I'll buy the helmet when I have the bal ready :D Capsule
  16. OneEyedCapsule

    Classic Buying VIP+

    ty for telling andy
  17. OneEyedCapsule

    Classic Buying VIP+

    I'm buying VIP+ rank in classic for 100-150k + 5-6 keys pm me in-game or dm me at discord Capsule#7987 Capsule
  18. OneEyedCapsule