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  1. _iamelite

    Pending AMBUJAKSON's Builder Application

    i guess, builder means decorator, not someone who can build but it's someone who can decorate the presence of build!
  2. _iamelite

    [Skyblock] Petition to add these

    Oi, talk about 7% bal reduce also 😭
  3. _iamelite

    Pending [Skyblock] _iamelite's Helper Application

    Thanks Android! (Big fan)
  4. _iamelite

    Pending [Skyblock] derelpro20's Helper Application

    You can play with same stuff being helper. Being helper just allows to maybe warn and mute people in chat or ingame and see the logs of unusual activity in the server!
  5. _iamelite

    Rejected [Classic] AshiePlayz's Helper Application

    Good luck maa boii!
  6. _iamelite

    Pending [Skyblock] roysayhi's Helper Application

    You totally seem new to skyblock as I have seen your stats. Good luck anyways! 🥵
  7. _iamelite

    Skyblock Suggestion!

    Make a tool that, when right click+shift, will sell every possible item that can be sold in that chest. You can only receive the tool by voting 7 days in a row and the tool have health of selling 64 chests items. How is the idea?
  8. _iamelite

    Name change

    It should be _iamelite but i see it _iamelire. How do i fix my name?
  9. _iamelite

    Pending [Skyblock] _iamelite's Helper Application

    User name: _iamelite What is your in-game name? _iamelite What is your real name? Abinawan Bhattarai What is your age? 18 Where are you from? Nepal Which server are you applying for? Skyblock Why should we consider you as an applicant? I can be a good staff controlling people as i am...