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  1. FlippyDoop

    Bedwars Anti-Hacker

    Hi, recently, I have noticed many auto-clicker and hackers, I even saw the hackers 1v1 lol, but while in game you cant report, so here's a custom report suggestion- Similar to hypixle, if you see a hacker, you can use this command- /rep <username> [options like kill aura, cross teaming...
  2. FlippyDoop


    HELLO I AM FLIPPY MAKE YOUR OWN FONT DOWN -—-—-—-SUP-—-—-—- >>>>>>>ZOOM<<<<<<< _._._._._._._._._._._._ AHHHHHAAAHHHH
  3. FlippyDoop

    !!! He is there !!!

    Did Computrix login to the server? @BearyBad
  4. FlippyDoop

    This is not a rickroll

    Really. It is not. Cause I wont do it. Kill me if it is. Random post. Oi, why u still reading. Ok ok, this is not a it. Lol you got rickrolled
  5. FlippyDoop

    Lets Make Faces and stuff!

    Simply make things like this: 👁 👁 👃🏻 👄
  6. FlippyDoop

    Website dying, lets get some topiks

    Ok so website it officially dying, not much goin on here, so lets get some topics here. Hi to the person below me
  7. FlippyDoop

    Cya’ll after 5 months :D

    Hey guys! Writing this 6 in the morning, my sister just, left for airport for her collage, and she will be taking the laptop with her, Im kinda lonely :V. So I wont be playing for 5 months, probably. Just wanted to say I will miss u all, I gave away many valuables so take care of them, and hope...
  8. FlippyDoop

    Ask the person below a question

    ok its simple, you just answer the question above you and the ask a question for the next user. Rules: 1: Dont ask anything too private or inappropriate 2: You must answer the question above you and then ask the person below a question. Example: Answer: I ate waffles for dinner yesterday...
  9. FlippyDoop

    This poll is useless (II)

  10. FlippyDoop

    Selling Springs 3/Pull 2 and others

    Im selling springs 3, pull 2 and others AE's, pl me in-game to bargain the price? Im also selling full netherite armor (fully vanilla enchanted and maxed) for 49k, pm me when online Extra note: I won't be playing much rn
  11. FlippyDoop

    Do a face reveal please :3

    Hey! This is just my personal list of the people I want to do a face reveal on website, im not foring anyone just wanted to make a list xD d1v1ne, and10, hemo, alphonse, velocity (this one will be hard :V), jaden, samosa, titansivia, boiblox And specially for qlause: do a elbow reveal Hehe
  12. FlippyDoop

    #PoopGang Applications

    Hey! This is a forum where u can apply for "Poop" in your nick, and join #PoopGang. Rules: 1: Must have /nick 2: you can apply for any server (Classic, Towny, Vanilla, Skyblock) 3: You must use "Poop" at the end of your nick, or you will be removed from the gang. 4: if you are not applying...
  13. FlippyDoop

    #VipGang Pics pls

    The people who took a ss of out vip group photo, please upload in gallery, like @bloke24
  14. FlippyDoop

    Qlause, Beary and Boi, Quick!

    I won’t breath until @Qlause, @BearyBad and @boiblox69 gimme a like 🥺😖😵
  15. FlippyDoop

    How do I chande my active-member tag thing

    Like the staffs like boi have hack = whack, and alphonse has "literacy is my virtue. Wait, is it?" How do I change my?
  16. FlippyDoop

    Is Blockstackers Pay2Win?

    Ok, I've veen going against this too, and this is a thing going around forums now, but can we all take a second to see why? And thing from Staff's point of view? Here are the reasons, correct me if I am wrong somewhere 1: Running a server 24/7 with a good TPS and User-Interface is not a easy...
  17. FlippyDoop

    Flippy The Great Writer

    Thankyou pepol! I will give autographs later dun worry! ME HAPPI!
  18. FlippyDoop


    #BringBackVP #d1v1neComedyForMod #BlastMinersOnVelocity'sRescue #FlippyIsGod #PutTagsInTheReplies #UseTagsOnly #PPBad #INeedBlast3 #Minecraft
  19. FlippyDoop

    A Useless Poll

    The defination of uselessness
  20. FlippyDoop

    Your New-Year Resoultion

    What is do you want to achieve? What are your goals for this year. Perhaps, share your dream? Write it down below guys :3, wish you all a HAPPI NEW YEAR ;3.