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  1. NimKim

    Ou introu

    I heard you're actually 43, is that true?
  2. NimKim

    Rejected CasualCheater's Helper Application

    Hellothere CasualCheater! Thanks for applying for our Staff team! However, I shall inform you about something As noted here by Senior The helper applications do have some requirements and another place for applying, kindly read the "Read Before Applying" section before making an application to...
  3. NimKim

    Rejected 7LPhantom's Helper Application

    Hello there, 7LPhantom! Thanks for applying for the staff team! Sadly I shall inform you that we have some requirements for the staff team, where you can find them here in this link . I should sadly update you that you do not match our requirements, so that I will close your application. I'm...
  4. NimKim


    Losing friends ... .
  5. NimKim


    Actually there are two different sides With VIP, you can have a colored customized name over the game, as well as kits and some other perks you may get that can help you in your gameplay journey Every rank worth I think, Having the ability to /fly is something that lets you do nice builds, you...
  6. NimKim

    The most beautiful building in Minecraft

    The most beautiful building in minecraft is my Pokeball.
  7. NimKim

    Classic Buying Quartz, giving big bonuses and rewards

    Good luck to all participants! I will try to gather quarts too, myself!
  8. NimKim

    #Bro4Life?! ❤

    #Bro4Life?! ❤
  9. NimKim

    Hi there do you sell cats????

    Hi there do you sell cats????
  10. NimKim

    In-Game & Discord Suggestions

    These bots are created by our developers, surely can be worked on to be edited but yet It got lower priority than fixing some bugs that may affect the gameplay. but surely will be checked up if we can do something to fix those.
  11. NimKim

    In-Game & Discord Suggestions

    Thanks for your suggestions! However, I do need to note some issues here: 1. Daily rewards are good things that may be considered to be adding, however, we must check the situations whereas is this even possible to apply, May it be exploited or abused and how will the community respond toward...
  12. NimKim

    Rejected Kunal 1161's Helper Application

    Thanks for putting your time and effort to make the application, Kunal! Sadly I should tell you that the staff applications are closed, You will be notified about the re-opening of applications over the discord announcement channel. However, please read the Staff Applications Requirements...
  13. NimKim

    Building service

    used his service today to make another pokeball in my base very very good worker and helping to build. I gib a number 10/10
  14. NimKim

    #VIP_Buddies ❤

    There is an imposter among us
  15. NimKim


  16. NimKim

    Building service

    How much do you get for emptying a full chunk and then filling it with dirt again?
  17. NimKim

    BS Discord Ideas

    As per for gallery section, we had it before in the discord whereas you could upload and share it with other players. surely will be discussed about with other staff members. For the Custom Paid Ranks, I assume setting it as a "one time-no change" thing would be nice because it's a bit hard to...
  18. NimKim


    True. imagine the link of my imagine is like you can write it like this
  19. NimKim


    You can upload it on then put the link of preview between
  20. NimKim

    Classic Some suggestions

    Thanks for your spectacular opinions. As per the events, the staff team was a bit busy with the updates going on the server, but im sure in the future we will see awesome events again. as per your suggestions, I may note some points of view: Not all staff are doing the same duty, for example...