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  1. NimKim

    Guide How to Use The Website? [Full Guide]

    Hello there! I'm Nima, In this thread I'm gonna teach you how to use the website! Need to note that this thread is being updated over time, so if there is anything I may have forgotten to note, you can send me a PM over here or Discord...
  2. NimKim

    Nima's Helper Application

    1. What is your real name and ingame name? Nima, NimKim 2. What is your age? 22 3. Where are you from? [Include timezone] Iran [GMT +3:30] 4. Why should we consider you as an applicant? I've been actually worked as a member of helper team in a lot of communities, Which makes me have some...
  3. NimKim

    Classic Selling CEs or trading them

    I Sell these Savior 4 Infes 2 Skillswipe 5 Famished 3 Rocket 1 Molten 3 Doctor ( I know its bad tho) Viper Rocket OR trading them with Anti Gravity, Wings or Guards 3 Thanks tho bye xoxo