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  1. absolutelatte

    Happy Birthday DoNt8Kind!

    @mcc0608 held a surprise birthday party for DoNt8Kind! Disclaimer: This is not my place and I did not organized this. I was just helping to take photos. ;)
  2. absolutelatte

    [Giveaway] Titan, MVP, Legend, Premium, VIP+, VIP Kits to be Given Away!

    Hello Blockstackers! I'm doing a giveaway to 7 lucky winners, all you have to do is reply to this thread with your IGN by 17th Oct. 1st Place: Titan Kit 2nd Place: MVP Kit 3rd + 4th Place: Legend Kit 5th: Premium Kit 6th: VIP+ Kit 7th: VIP Kit Winners will be picked randomly and announced...
  3. absolutelatte


    With minions in the new skyblock, mining has become so easy. Who needs alts when you can hire the minions to do the work for you! When just starting skyblock, it is such a grind to get all the materials you need. Once you get your first minion, you get abundant of cobblestones, iron ores...
  4. absolutelatte

    Get Free PC Games Every Week!

    From now to Sep 03, Hitman game is free! Get yours today @
  5. absolutelatte

    Classic [Selling] Titan Armour and Tools, MVP Kit

    Available Now!: Selling for in-game cash or Keys (20k = 1 Key): Titan Helmet (Protection 8, Unbreaking 5) [140k] Titan Chestplate (Protection 8, Unbreaking 5) [140k] Titan Leggings (Protection 8, Unbreaking 5) [140k] Titan Boots (Protection 8, Unbreaking 5) [140k] Titan Sword (Sharpness 8...
  6. absolutelatte

    Closed Buying Blast III

    PM me here or in-game. Will give you above market price. ;)
  7. absolutelatte

    Info Nick Color Gradient Generator

    Hey Blockstackers! I have made a version 2 of the nickname color generator now with gradients! Enter the text, choose the start and end color, then copy and paste the code into the chat box Works for /rename command if you're Titan! Enjoy!
  8. absolutelatte

    Classic Selling CEs, Black or White Scroll, Angel Dust

    Item Description Price Savior II Has a chance to cut incoming damage in half. 5 Keys or 100K Molten II Has a chance to set your attacker on fire. 3 Keys or 60K Blessed I Has a chance to remove all negative effects from the user. 1 keys or 20K Intimidate II Gives all nearby players on...
  9. absolutelatte

    [Mini-Event] Elevator Rush (Classic Server)

    Hello Everyone! I will be hosting a mini event this coming Wednesday 19th August 2020), 11 PM SGT! (Sorry for the late timing, but it's the best time that I will be available) There will be prizes to be won: First Place: MVP Kit or 3 Mystic Keys Second Place: 1 Master Key or 2 Mystic Keys...
  10. absolutelatte

    Classic Selling Mooshroom, Skele, Turtle Eggs

    I'm becoming an egg seller selling eggs... lol... :ROFLMAO: Eggs anyone? PM me here or in-game to buy...
  11. absolutelatte

    Closed Buying Rank Upgrades From VIP+ to Premium for Keys

    looking for someone to upgrade me from VIP+ to Premium! pm me in-game or on discord to discuss the pricing! in-game name: absolutelatte discord: absolutelatte#6481
  12. absolutelatte

    Just For Fun

    Build a roller coaster just for fun.. It feels pretty real riding it. If only there was VR version for minecraft. Maybe I should build a theme park in MC.. A villager scaring room. The switch is to toggle showing or hiding the zombie behind.
  13. absolutelatte

    [Crazy Enchantments] List of CE Descriptions

    It will be useful to know what each CEs do, so here's the list of CEs available on the server with their description. You can also refer to the description when you hover on the item in /ca. You can check out this pinned post on the market prices of these CEs Helmets: Enchantments...
  14. absolutelatte

    Approved Absolutelatte's Skilled Application

    Discord Name & Tag: absolutelatte#6481 Real Name: Adrian Minecraft Name: absolutelatte Votes for server: 385 About Me: I'm into building stuff in MC, gives me some sort of de-stress from a long day of work. Why I should get the rank (achievements, milestones, creations, contributions, if...
  15. absolutelatte

    Get a copy of Watch Dogs 2 Now! (before it's gone)

    Please visit the registration site before July 15 @ 6:59 AM UTC to claim your rewards.
  16. absolutelatte

    Trading 100 Mystic Keys + 5 Master Keys for Rank Upgrades

    Trading 100 Mystic Keys + 5 Master Keys For Rank Upgrade From VIP+ to Legend (USD$31)
  17. absolutelatte

    [Video] Skyblocks

    Gonna miss the builds on Skyblocks server.. Credit to the awesome builders with so much creativity in making such nice islands. One of them is @BlazeAplle who has joined my island briefly to beautify my island.
  18. absolutelatte

    Classic Buying Rank Upgrade! With 40 Mystic Keys + Wings CE

    Looking to buy rank upgrade (USD$13) with 40 Mystic Keys + Wings CE (99% Success Rate) (worth about 1mil ingame cash). Pm me here or on discord
  19. absolutelatte

    Approved Absolutelatte's Apprentice Application

    Discord Name & Tag: absolutelatte#6481 Real Name: Adrian Minecraft Name: absolutelatte Votes for server: 300 About Me: Love playing RPG games. Now the only game I play is MC Blockstackers server. =D Why I should get the rank (achievements, milestones, creations, contributions, if any): I...