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  1. Android10


    Welcome Backkk 🤘
  2. Android10

    Inability to be able to play for an unknown amount of time

    hope to see u soon
  3. Android10

    Classic Hunter's Hall and Trading Shop

    wait where is this? This is amazing.
  4. Android10


    I hope they unban u soon
  5. Android10

    Speed run

    Hm nice idea
  6. Android10

    Pending Tadsat21's Helper Application

    Good luck @Tadsat21
  7. Android10

    Pending Youn3verseeme's Developer Application

    Good luck @Youn3verseeme
  8. Android10

    RIP Vulcan rank

  9. Android10

    Approved moomoo0124's Beginner Application

    Good luck @moomoo0124 Tlauncher Gang 🤘
  10. Android10

    I will be quitting in 2 weeks :)

    Good luck
  11. Android10

    Approved milkyy887_'s Beginner Application

    Good luck @milkyy887_
  12. Android10

    Rejected JedricLajara's Apprentice Application

    Good luck @JedricLajara
  13. Android10

    Clarification of the new rules edition

    also me i can't buy VIP+ for keys XDDD
  14. Android10

    Farewell on i_pincer

    Gl @i_pincer Hope to see u soon
  15. Android10

    Important for Donors!

    Create a Ticket on the Discord server or talk to a staff
  16. Android10

    Clarification of the new rules edition

    First of all thanks too much for writing all of this just to help us 🙏😊 But i got confused with something which is Gifting keys. So in general is trading with keys allowed anymore?
  17. Android10

    Nick the user 😉

    Nope, i use Huawei.
  18. Android10

    Classic Why people quit and hack in this server

    I used to do /home XD