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  1. Djsteffantnt

    Info Server Rules

    General Server Rules 1. No Griefing/Stealing/Raiding No raiding bases for blocks, chests or even torches in spawn proofed areas whether it is claimed or unclaimed. Rule of thumb, If it isn't world generated or placed by you, Leave it alone. There are frequent cases where players have agreed...
  2. Djsteffantnt

    Classic Selling Titan kit and CES

    Titan kit, full or with tools Mvp kit full Wings 1 Experience 3 Necromancer 2 Ice freeze 1
  3. Djsteffantnt

    Info [BUG] Villager x Nether Portal

    [BUGFIX] Villager Portal Transport Hey Blockstackers ! You reported it and we investigated BUT sadly, there's no fix available yet as it's confirmed from Mojang's side. But fear not as we have some solution for you thanks to Aka_Kesha Take the villager in Minecart to the portal and break...
  4. Djsteffantnt

    Penyu gets qlause's head for xmas

    Who thinks qlause should submit to penyu's decapitation axe smash like
  5. Djsteffantnt

    Face reveal and Intro

    The people been asking for face reveal with my intro: Name: Steffan aka Djsteffantnt aka DJBeard aka MrStark Head admin of gaming affairs Country: Trinidad and Tobago, wayyyy over in the caribbean