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  1. Yaman511

    Rejected Hermitcraft Datapack in Vanilla (Vanilla Tweaks)

    the only ones i see fitting into Vanilla's style would be number 5 and 1, but even then, i dont see it getting added, i think the plan with Vanilla is to keep it as it is with no plugins or datapacks or anything like that
  2. Yaman511

    Vanilla Alps Projects Public Overview

    love the plans! cant wait to see the finished projects, best of luck!
  3. Yaman511

    Closed Skyblock hunger bars

    I agree it used to be good at first but now its basically better to just die rather than wait for your health to regen when you cant even eat to regen
  4. Yaman511

    The Last Post Wins!

    what's the prize anyway? asking because im winning
  5. Yaman511

    The Last Post Wins!

    Last Post
  6. Yaman511

    Info [Staff Approved] Minecraft Lag Busting by Texas_Rz

    Thanks for the great post, very informative! a couple more things to add is that droppers on top of hoppers are also effective at reducing lag (very close numbers to composters iirc) and since 1.13 flowing water causes the tps to drop if its a larger farm that relies on the water being turned on...
  7. Yaman511

    [VANILLA] Closed Medieval Kingdom

    Sounds like a fun project, make sure to post screenshots when you build it :D
  8. Yaman511

    Closed Skyblock saplings

    I noticed that too, i hope the other saplings will get added to the lumberjack
  9. Yaman511

    Jelosaur's Jr Mod Application

    Jelosaur best Mod :D