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  1. Senior01

    Pending [Bedwars] dave321's Helper Application

    Hello mate good day i suggest to you that reveal your Age, that's the requirement actually.
  2. Senior01

    Pending [Classic] Kunal1161's Helper Application

    goodluck mate!!
  3. Senior01

    Pending [Classic] evilpudding_32's Helper Application

    Please be patient mate :D you can re apply soon, but not now. Just saying
  4. Senior01

    Pending [Classic] KingFoxRO's Helper Application

    good luck mate!!
  5. Senior01

    Pending [Classic] AshiePays's Helper Application

    Hello mate! I hope you understand what @BearyBad said
  6. Senior01

    Pending [Classic] BogdanBostanel's Helper Application

    You can apply on NON STAFF APPLICATION as a Builder if you know how to build crazy stuffs. But goodluck then :D
  7. Senior01

    Approved [Classic] CYRUS14's Helper Application

    good luckkk!
  8. Senior01

    Pending [Classic] Eyeglasses's Helper Application

    good luck to you mate!
  9. Senior01

    Pending [Vanilla] Senior01's Helper Application

    i mean we need a lot of them to prevent exploit my sir :D
  10. Senior01

    Pending DALIMANDATOR Builder Application .

    good luck buddy <3