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  1. Nydian

    Approved ChocolateEye's Helper Application

    If apps are closed why is that still pending?
  2. Nydian

    Info Towny Marketplace Plot Application

    Name of plot owner: Nydian Town: Eesti How many plots: 1 Total cost: $5000
  3. Nydian


    hehe hey khib
  4. Nydian

    Approved Nydian to Proffessional

    Thread Title: <Name>'s <Rank> Application Discord Name & Tag:Nydian#1616 Real Name:Nüüdian Minecraft Name:Nydian Votes for server:293 Total Playtime:51d 13hr About Me:Im ahelper always was and will continue Why I should get the rank (achievements, milestones, creations, contributions, if...
  5. Nydian

    Approved Terramortius' Helper Application

    When he started i helped, so he wants to help others. GZ Terra
  6. Nydian

    Rejected Gbrl_2500 Administrator Aplication

    That was nice one, hehe
  7. Nydian

    Henlo :D

    Boi nice intro nothing bad to say
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  9. Nydian

    whats the deal with these tokens?

    tokens? you benefit by voting in all 3 servers
  10. Nydian

    The Last Post Wins!

    Rly Fluff and Choco arque? thats new
  11. Nydian

    The Last Post Wins!

    Who won?
  12. Nydian

    Rejected KhibPlays's Jr Mod Application

    First you go to be helper, not jump ranks
  13. Nydian

    Rejected ChocolateEye's Helper Application

    Good luck Choco we need good ppl ;)
  14. Nydian

    Rejected Beginner Application

    Is that your ingame name? Its bad to use good ppl for refference for your own benefit