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  1. GiivaSunner

    Approved LT540P Builder Application

    Dang, that Doctor Who one looks cool, Good luck dude!
  2. GiivaSunner

    Approved GiivaSunner's Builder Application

    What is your real name and in-game name? Real name: Michael Real name: GiivaSunner What is your age? I'm 16 but turning 17 in 3 months Where are you from? [Include timezone] Singapore (SGT) Why should we consider you as an applicant? I would like to help the server in any way that I can, and...
  3. GiivaSunner

    Approved GiivaSunner's Beginner Application

    I kinda typed apprentice instead of beginner like a dummy :p
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    Approved GiivaSunner's Beginner Application

    Discord Name & Tag: Micc #8216 Real Name: Michael Minecraft Name: GiivaSunner Votes for server: 48 Total Playtime: 3 Days, 17 hours, 44 min About Me: I'm just...
  5. GiivaSunner

    Birds aren't real

    Birds aren't real