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    Pending MayankXus's Builder Application

    woah nice build
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    Info Christmas Build Battle Entries

    ✿ In-game username : Escarlet ✿ Discord username : Escarlet#4589 ✿ Server : Classic ✿ Coordinates : X(-5690) ~ Z(-3849) ✿ Attachments : ✿ Note : i made a cake, enjoy :D
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    now vip+

    now vip+
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    Something for Christmas

    IGN : Escarlet Server : Classic Wish : 50k/100k claimblocks that's it :D i want to make new base with different theme
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    Classic Building Competition contact Kostas2007 to sign up!

    i did not know this competition exist right before my return T_T
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    Pending Escarlet's Builder Application

    i remember Kadebrown that quite good at building and making farm with redstone thing
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    Pending Escarlet's Builder Application

    nah, me good to have 2 head
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    Pending Escarlet's Builder Application

    on no.4 i forgot to tell why, cause i usually build big thing and keep forgetting about little interior thing, maybe need some training, i'll keep improve as best as i can
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    Pending Escarlet's Builder Application

    1. What is your real name and in-game name? Reny || Escarlet 2. What is your age? 21 yro (old isn't) 3. Where are you from? [Include timezone] Indonesia (GMT +7) 4. Why should we consider you as an applicant? i can build big thing and always try to build as beautiful as possible, my...
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    Rejected [Classic] iiomq_Sadie's Helper Application

    hope you will get what you want sadie