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Recent content by chalaa aka Uzumaki

  1. chalaa aka Uzumaki

    Mini games with big prizes event! [Classic]

    ooo good luck yall
  2. chalaa aka Uzumaki

    Approved [Classic] mxiqii_'s Helper Application

    here mx 🔪 good luck also here :big gun:
  3. chalaa aka Uzumaki

    Rejected [Bedwars] ThamYH's Helper Application

    Wa Pro bw player applying GL!
  4. chalaa aka Uzumaki

    Rejected [Bedwars] WWS008's Helper Application

    Wa Bedwars Pro applying GL
  5. chalaa aka Uzumaki

    Rejected [Classic] WhiteLightSoul's Helper Application

    ah i remember u LOL gl the one who said innapropriate things in bw but anyways GL